Summer Exodus

Spring is upon us and we are sad to see so many of our San Felipe friends making preparations to head north for the summer months.

If you must leave however, remember the people who have no choice but to remain in San Felipe.  The need for food continues and the need for fresh water increases as the temperatures rise.  Your donations can help us fill those needs.

As our new location is a bit out of the way, we have set up several conveniently located drop sites at places where there the residents or business owner have agreed to receive items for the food bank and thrift shop.  So as you pack up for the move, please remember to set aside those working and serviceable household items that you just don’t need anymore along with those things you don’t want to leave on pantry shelves until your return.

We will distribute food items to those in need and the clothes and housewares will be sold in the thrift shop to buy food and water during the coming months.

Click here for location of food bank drop sites.

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