Summer Plea

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We all know summer is a slow time in San Felipe.  The heat and the humidity bring all the non-essentials of life to a screeching halt. The bulk of us flee to the north and cooler temps.  However, not all of the residents of San Felipe have that option.  Some must struggle through the rising temps and breathtaking humidity.  Many also face fewer opportunities for employment as the need for their services drop due the the migration north as businesses shorten their hours to compensate for the rising cost of electric and drop in customers.  The work of the ladies at the food bank doesn’t slack off though.  In fact, each week more families, seniors and disabled come to our doors looking for assistance.  We don’t offer much, a bag of beans, flour, rice, nutritional supplements and diapers for the children and elderly, help with medical prescriptions that aren’t cover by insurance.  All this adds up to higher expenses for Volunteers Without Limits at the same time that our sales in the thrift shop drop off to nearly nothing and most of our regular donors have left the city for the summer.

So what do we do?  

We hate asking for money.  We know everyone is facing harder times and the economy is in the pits.  We know that everyone has family members that need help and that their incomes are lower and expenses higher.  We know that there are a multitude of worthy causes all seeking assistance and that no one can afford to help them all. Yet, we also faced with the fact that our current bank balance is not sufficient to buy food much less meet the emergency requests that will come to us in the next three months.  Our expenditures amount to $1200-$1500 each month.  We have just enough to carry us through July.  Without your help we will not have food to give out or gas for the deliveries to the elderly in August and September.

So I must ask.  If at all possible, Please click on the Paypal button on our website and help us continue on with this work.  You can choose to make a one time donation or subscribe to make a monthly donation.  You don’t need a Paypal account to do this and you can use a credit card safely and securely to help.  

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way through this article.  May the Lord bless you for your generous spirt if you are already helping, are going to help and even more so if you are unable to help at this time.  

Roberto behind Army Camp

RIP Roberto.
Last winter Roberto came down with pneumonia surely aggravated by the severe cold and lack of heat in his humble shelter. He did not survive his battle. Many others will suffer the unbearable heat this summer in similar structures in San Felipe.


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