Summer in San Felipe – Status Report and Coming Events

Hot and humid.

That about sums it up.  San Felipe is well known as a haven for many snowbirds who flea the frigid temperatures of their homelands in the winter months and bask on the temperate shores of the Sea of Cortez but the summer months find most of them have fled back to to cooler climates.

Food Distribution Continues – Need for Water Increases

Not all have this opportunity though.  For the full-time San Felipe residents, the summer months are not avoidable, they are just a reality to be endured and survived and for some, survival depends on the helping hands extended by others.  The VSL food bank is just one of the organizations who strive to help, but the rivers and streams aren’t the only things that dry up or are reduced to a trickle in the summer months.  Donations are diminished too as many of our donors are part-time residents also.

Seasonal Events Raise Funds to Carry On the Work

During the summer months sales at the VSL thrift store are sometimes reduced to mere pennies a day.  Yet, the need for food and water distribution goes on and more families in need come in each week.  We are grateful that this summer we have been able to continue to purchase food and provide necessary assistance for the families with disabled children because this year our two fund-raising events allowed us to put aside enough monies to carry us through the summer months.  As tempting as it was to use those monies to purchase a new (used) delivery vehicle or A/C for the segundo, the first and foremost priority was to have funds for food and nutritional supplements for the children so those “extras” have been put on the wish list but will not be purchased from regular donations.

Additional Needs – Affordable Transportation & Air Conditioning

The need for a truck to deliver food and water in the Arroyo is an ongoing concern.  We have had several possibilities but to date have not found a suitable solution.  What we need is a 3/4 ton vehicle with automatic transmission and preferably four wheel drive.  An Toyota V-6 1 ton dually would be ideal.  Our research has found that a vehicle like this will cost $4500 to $5000, although there was one that sold for $2900 within a day of hitting Craig’s List.  This need has been submitted as our special challenge on John and Rachel’s Baja Walk site but to date we have not received any funds for this purchase.  If you would like to help or you know of an organization looking for a special project, read more here.  We would also like to be able to install air conditioning in the thrift store.  This would not make food packing during the summer months more bearable but might also draw in more shoppers.

Need Help Planning and Organizing Coming Events

As we watch the bank balance disappear we are reminded that if we are going to have funds for next summer we need to planning for NOW for the next event.  The date has been set for October 17th.  The location is again the Pavilion.  The venue will be a combination fashion show with the addition of the tequila and wine distributors’ booths providing a delectable tasting experience as they did last spring.

What is missing is people to help organize the event.  A family emergency has required that I (Susan) spend the summer at my daughter’s in Northern California so I am dependent on the kindness of strangers (and friends) to jump in and fill the gap.  We need someone to take the lead in coordinating the event who can work with Cesar from the Pavilion and Carole from One of a Kind Fashions and the spirit vendors to make this event happen.  A flyer needs to be put together and printed and along with tickets distributed.  Contributions for the silent auction need to be procured, inventoried and supplies and helpers for the day of the event organized.  I won’t be back in town until mid to late September and that is too late to effectively put an event together.

Community Garden Project

There have been many discussions and emails about the possibility of starting a community garden somewhere in San Felipe to benefit the food bank.  My thoughts are that we would need to have a lot in the Los Arcos or a nearby neighborhood that is fenced and has water service connected.  We would likely have to find containers or materials to build containers for planting and bring in soil and amendments for the soil.  That is the extent of my expertise.  Rita Monares will be calling together those interested in working on this project when she returns in August.  Fall is the idea time to start planting in San Felipe so if you have land or want to lend a helping hand with the organization please let us know.

So how about it?  Are you looking for a worthwhile project to fill your summer days?

If yes, please write me (Susan Young) at or send a message on Facebook.

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