Sonshine Hacienda

Yesterday Chuck and I met some great folks who were visiting San Felipe while we were having breakfast at the Road Runner.  They had just given a generous donation to  some young soccer players and we had chatted with them about the food bank and child therapy program and sponsorships.  They asked about other ways to help the local people in San Felipe and their question inspired this post.

One of the goals of Volunteers Without Limits (Voluntarios sin limites) is to “to work together as a community to bring about positive change” and one thing we can do in that direction is to publish information not only about our organization but also about the many other organizations and groups that are working toward helping the residents of San Felipe. So in this section you will find articles about these other groups and in time a list and links to their websites, when available.

This week I would like to feature Sonshine Hacienda which hosted an open house this weekend. According their website, Sonshine Hacienda is more than just an orphanage.

The term orphanage does not accurately reflect the true vision or purpose of Sonshine Hacienda. Actually the term more correctly in Spanish is not orfanatorio but albergue or refuge which has the extended implication of “to take in”. A safe house if you will as well as a more traditional home for orphans. This will open the door to “take in” not only orphans, by the American definition, but also aid the social services of San Felipe in being able to place abused and/or abandoned children in a safe place while they and their family situation can be evaluated more in depth. Our dream is to have a permanently established home in San Felipe that the children and the government can depend on to serve the community for generations to come. This vision is now becoming a reality in the suburb of Colonia Las Minitas.

With the building complete, furnishings being installed and staff standing by we look forward to soon seeing this project opens their doors to the children of San Felipe in need of such a refuge.

The articles posted under “Other Ways to Help” are about separate organizations or groups that function San Felipe.  They are not part of Volunteers Without Limits but we at Volunteers Without Limits wish to encourage people to contribute or help where ever their hearts and minds lead them to do so.  In that spirit, we hope to make this site a place that links those who want to do something with those who need help doing.


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