Some Give Back More…

People come to San Felipe for many different reasons: the sun, the sand dunes, the races.  This last month one group of about 40 RVs arrived for a month long stay at Pete’s Camp.  They call themselves the Mexican Connection or Chapter 8 of the Escapees Club (sometimes referred to as SKPs … sounds the same as Escapees, yes?).  They come for fun in the sun and to experience new scenery, traditions, food, culture and folklore.  However, they also come with a commitment to give back more than they gain.  To accomplish this, they send scouts ahead to study the community and seek out genuine needs that they can fill during their trip.  They don’t take this task lightly.

We met Charlie and Dawn Boles last year at one of the craft shows.  He approached the VSL table and said that Volunteers Without Limits had been suggested as possibly one of their projects for 2013 and asked if we could get together when they returned in January.  Charlie said SKPs would be looking for several organizations that were doing good things here in San Felipe.  We gave him the address to our website and suggested he could find most of the other ACs listed at the bottom of our web page under “Other Ways to Help”.

True to his word, Charlie (the Wagonmaster for this trip) contacted us in January and we showed him around the facility and explained the work that VSL does.  He said the group would want to come back in February to see for themselves.  Fortunately, Irene Cogley was willing for meet with the group on that visit as Chuck and I had plans to visit family  in Tuscon at that time.  Irene must have done us well, as upon our return the following week, the MxConnection group returned with a truck load of goods for the store, some bulk food for distribution and a very nice check for future needs.

We are delighted and extremely thankful for their generous donation.  We were also thrilled to hear that that they were also contributing to Casa de Fe children’s home and another local family who do much to help others in need.   God bless them for their giving and loving hearts.

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