Raising a Child with a Severe Disability

Putting things into perspective:
Single mom with a handicapped child here in San Felipe-
1) Rent – 1500 pesos
2) Electric – 1000 pesos

3) Water – 100 pesos
4) Diapers – 400 pesos
5) Medications – 1800 pesos
6) Nutritional supplement – 720 pesos
Total of 5520 pesos per month.

Now keep in mind that we have not included food, clothing, Dr visits, lab tests and if the child is in school, those costs. We have also not factored in having one or two more children and those costs either.
If anything like wheelchairs are needed etc. that is additional costs.

IF she is working as a hotel maid for example, she will make about 3600 pesos per month. IF she works, childcare for a handicapped child is about 600 pesos per week. So childcare itself would be 2400 pesos a month. Basically, she cant work or must pursue work that you don’t even want to think about.

Now if we multiply that by 20 children, that is over 110,000 pesos per month. That’s over $8400 per month without even factoring in food. Now not all moms are single and some have less expenses but I think you get the picture.

The above numbers do not figure in our 10 handicapped adults or any of our food distribution.