Obivously in order to continue to provide the services we provide, we need to reach out to the community both near and far for the support we need. Our least favorite part of our work is asking for donations. Without them though, we can’t survive.

1) Diapers – Child size 6 and 6xlg are the most common. Adult size S, M, LG, XLG

2) Ensure or the nutritional equivalent

3) Wheelchairs, walkers, canes, bath chairs, bathroom chairs and most type of medical devices

4) Food – since we are cooking meals and not doing individual bags, we need larger size cans. tuna, beans, rice, pasta, tomato sauce, vegetables, bags of potatoes. These are the most helpful but we will take any kind of food.

5) Gently used household items, clothing, shoes, beds, blankets, etc. We give away to those that have a real need or sell in the store to buy 1,2 and 4 above.

6) Of course MONEY – we have to pay rent, electric, phone, gas, internet and we also help with medications, Dr. visits, lab tests and transportation costs for those we serve.

On our home page we have a couple donation options. If you pick the VWL option you can do a one-time contribution or a monthly contribution and the money goes for the things above. IF you pick the KO Hambre option, money goes strictly for food and delivery of it.

Thank you in advance for making peoples lives better!