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Our beliefs are guided by the Bible so we took the words “feed the hungry”, “see to the widows and orphans” to heart and in doing so became “facilitators” of Volunteers Without Limits. We didn’t start it or nor are we officially part of the the organization. We are just helpers. We help with some of the food delivery, shopping and picking up donations. Sometimes we help with fund-raising events. But the heart of the organization is the Director, Paty Orozco. She is the one who oversees the distribution. She also screens all applications and visits the homes of the clients. Paty came to the food bank one day in the early days and offered to work as volunteer and run the thrift store if in exchange she could set up a space to help the parents of children with severe disabilities by teaching them about resources available for their children’s care. She also petitioned to get help supplying nutritional supplements and disposable diapers for these children.

When the founders of the original food needed to leave town due to health reasons, Paty jumped in and formed a new non-profit association under the name of Voluntarios sin Limites which means Volunteers Withou Limits. She picked this name with the forward thinking that someday the work may expand to help more than the hungry and disabled children. Now three years later that dream is growing and VSL is supporting the efforts of the drug rehab facility by promoting the sale of their crafts. We are also reaching out help people of all ages who face major medical needs. Last month VSL help an eleven year old boy (who is being raised by his older brother) get an MRI and CAT scan that determined he had tumor on his spine and we are purchasing the necessary corset for him to wear following his surgery. Paty has also lobbied for and obtained additional help from other agencies to fund renting the traction apparatus he will need in the hospital following surgery. Interest grew and before we knew a musical event was created by Martin and some of the local musicians which raise money to help the family with the rest of their portion of the medical expenses. The last word was that Eli had gone to Mexicali for his surgery but it had been rescheduled for the 28th o f May. In the meantime, Eli has been given a walker to help him get around safely.

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Update on Eli from Terry Van Arsdale (October 2013):

…..the jam was a winner. More than enough money was earned and a good time was had by all.  The surgery was eventually successfully completed and Eli is doing very well.

Eli is eleven years old and in the 5th level of school. His lessons include Spanish, math, world history – his favorite – and geography. He is studying English five days a week. He considers school “a piece of cake”.

He is playing basketball and traveling about town on his bicycle.

He and his brother are living in a nice house near the Malecon that has been provided by a generous Canadian named Jessica Ireland.

An added bonus to the fund raiser was that the musical group “VADOS LOCOS” reconnected and are enjoying large crowds at the many functions they have been playing.

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