New Therapy Program Launched in San Felipe

One of the biggest motivating factors behind Volunteers Without Limits is the desire in our hearts to improve the lives of some very special children in San Felipe.  Patricia, our director first joined the food bank when it was called San Felipe Food Bank with a request that we would let her volunteer to help with the food distribution and segundo in exchange for the allotting her space to conduct physical therapy for her daughter Lupita and the other children in San Felipe who suffer debilitating health challenges.  At that time, nearly two years ago, there was no place in San Felipe where her daughter or the other children could get the regular physical therapy so necessary to keep their muscles and circulation as functional as possible.

Over the course of the last year, the officials of Mexico’s DIF organization have made several visits to our therapy sessions and just recently acknowledged the need and have this last week opened a new facility dedicated to providing therapy for these children.  The facility will have a trained professional therapist in attendance and he will set up video appointments with attending physicians and specialists in other cities to allow for their review of the children’s condition and prescription of appropriate care.

This is an awesome event for the families of these children.  The grand opening and ribbon cutting occurred on Monday Oct 10, 2011 and was attended by the Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, Governor of Baja and his wife, President of the State DIF, Rosa Carmina Capuchino de Osuna, the chief executive participated in the inauguration of the Centre for Support and Family Protection … to provide care people with disabilities.

Our very own director, Patricia Orozco Rea, will be working with DIF to coordinate this therapy program which will allow us to devote our efforts to seeing to the other nutritional and medical needs of these children and families.

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