UPDATE! Lupita To Get Chair AND Bath Chair and Car Seat!




Our shopping expedition was successful beyond our wildest dreams.  We found not only a wheel chair but also a bathing chair and car seat to fit Lupita’s needs all for less than we had anticipated spending on the chair!   Picking them up in Corona on our way south.  Yippee!!!

Patty & Augustine’s daughter Lupita was born with severe hypoxia which caused cerebral paralysis and microcephaly (the lack of oxygen caused loss of use of her limbs & server tremors). The doctors now say that Lupita needs a special wheelchair and braces to prevent further deformity of her spine and legs. This chair can cost over $900 but her parents have located one in Mexicali for $600, The braces will be over $100. Her father is a fisherman and her mother is a volunteer who works without pay at Volunteers without Limits.


One thought on “UPDATE! Lupita To Get Chair AND Bath Chair and Car Seat!

  1. Better Together in Christ

    This is fabulous news!!!! God bless you and all all that you do for this community!


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