Is Your Money Going Where You Want It?

logo-vsl_hrPaypal is a extremely handy feature.  Placing a Paypal button on an organization’s web page makes contributing to an organization quick, easy and painless but the question arises who pays for this convenience?  The answer is the non-profit does.  If you opt to use the convenient “Donate Here” button the organization will be charged about $4.50 for each $100 donated.  As this nets the organization $95.50, they are happy to cover this expense to make donating easier for our donors.

However, it you would like to see more of your donation to the work you are supporting: food, medicines, etc. you can opt to make your donation from your own Paypal account and send it as “money to a friend” in which case Paypal will make the transfer either without charge or with a much smaller fee ($2.50 for a $500) but that charge will be charged to you instead of the organization and they will receive the full amount of your donation.

Either way, Volunteers Without Limits is extremely grateful for your support.