Food Bank

One of our main programs is to provide food for the families in San Felipe that need assistance. We currently give out staples such as rice, beans, flour and oil.

We deliver food and water to the elderly, shut-ins and neediest parts of San Felipe on Saturdays. We have a 300 gallon water tank on our truck and we make sure that these folks have drinking water. Other families in the community come to us and pick up their food.

We dispense over 1,000 bags of food per month. Our goal in the future is to be able to add important additional food items such as fruits, vegetables and other healthy additions.

We are currently working out the details to start a community fruit and vegetable garden. Depending on the size of the garden/s our first recipients of the fresh fruits and vegetables will be our local orphanages and the elderly. From there we will add fresh fruits and vegetables to the food bags we dispense based on what the garden provides.



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  1. Better Together in Christ

    We appreciate all you do to help our community, especially our elderly population that is so vulnerable!


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