Desert Mothers

Give a man (or woman) a fish and you feed them for a day… teach them to fish and you feed them for a life time.

Donna Roberts has a vision of teaching the local women of San Felipe to turn their sometimes unknown talents into a profitable cottage industry that would provide a steady means of support for their families.

Donna describes Desert Mothers as a two phase project:

The first phase goal of Desert Mothers is to become a multi-level organization providing training in the many diverse art forms, then provide a local cooperative space from which to sell the work produced, while creating markets outside of San Felipe.

The second phase of Desert Mothers is to provide a safe and healthy environment for women and their children. This will be a community living space with support systems to help these women become productive citizens of San Felipe.

Desert Mother’s latest endeavor is to produced a set of hand-painted dishes styled after a popular 1930’s design.  Each item is hand sketched and painted so no two are exactly alike.

The articles posted under “Other Ways to Help” are about separate organizations or groups that function San Felipe.  They are not part of Volunteers Without Limits but we at Volunteers Without Limits wish to encourage people to contribute or help where ever their hearts and minds lead them to do so.  In that spirit, we hope to make this site a place that links those who want to do something with those who need help doing.

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