Day Labor Program

Need a house cleaned? How about yard work? How about a whole new patio? Our day labor program can help. The way the program works is that we introduce people that need work done with people looking for work.

The laborers do not work for Volunteers Without Limits and we do not make any money from this service. All we do is keep a list of  people in the community who have expressed an desire to work.

We have had really good reports from people who have used the service.

Rates as of November 2010: $10 for half a day and $20 for a full day. House cleaning is $20 per house for 1 story, $30 for 2 story and $40 for 3 story. Supplies and equipment should be provided by the person doing the hiring.

Workers are picked up in front of our facility at the prearranged time and taken to where the work is to be performed and then returned when it is done.

Please make sure they have at least water to drink during the time they are working.

Tips are optional and pretty common.

Please give us 24 hours advanced notice to find the workers you need and be specific about the type of work  you want done so we can find the right workers for that particular job.

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