Founded in 1986, Club Las Amigas, in San Felipe, Baja California, is a non-profit organization in both the US and Mexico, composed of international women who are dedicated to helping the youth of San Felipe through education. Meetings second and fourth Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the Campo Ocotillo Lodge.  Club Las Amigas


Another great service group in San Felipe is the Club Las Amigas.  These folks provide scholarships for secondary and university educations for the young people of San Felipe.

The articles posted under “Other Ways to Help” are about separate organizations or groups that function San Felipe.  They are not part of Volunteers Without Limits but we at Volunteers Without Limits wish to encourage people to contribute or help where ever their hearts and minds lead them to do so.  In that spirit, we hope to make this site a place that links those who want to do something with those who need help doing.

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