Chickens for Christmas!

DCIM100SPORTFor the last two years we have bought 10 cases of chickens and distributed them to about 150 families with our normal by-monthly food distribution. We also shared two of these cases with others in the community who help feed those in need. The cost last year was 7745 pesos or roughly $600 US dollars.

When Paty came to me last week and asked “Are we going to be able to add a chicken to the Christmas delivery this year?” I was at first at a loss.  Two years ago we started adding a chicken because one of the campos had donated a whole trailer full of beans, rice and flour so we were able to spend the money we would have normally earmarked for that food on something a “little extra” for Christmas.  Last year the same campo made a very substantial cash donation instead because they recognized that we do not have the space or security to store that much food.  Again we opted to divert part of their contribution to making Christmas a little better for the families we help and bought chickens to add to our December distribution.  Our normal food distribution contains only the bare essentials of beans, rice and flour and occasionally cooking oil.

Severe winter weather has delayed the migration of many of our Canadian benefactors and I suspect that may be why we haven’t heard from our angels from the campo this year or perhaps they have chosen to spread the good work out to another worthy cause.  In any case, people were asking Paty if there would a chicken for Christmas this year and Paty was asking me.

After a bit I realized that we are told:  “You have not because you ask not.”

Asking comes hard for me.  I would rather beat myself up with guilt that there isn’t enough because I hadn’t done enough.  I should have put together a luncheon and fashion show.  I should be Ebaying donations.  I should have done another raffle or charged an entrance fee for the photo contest.  I should, I should, I should!  Eventually I get stopped short with the realization that it isn’t about ME or what I can accomplish, it is about God’s will and what he wants completed and he says at times we need to ASK both HIM and for the help of others.  So I sent up a prayer and put the need out there on Facebook and lo and behold the money for the chickens came in in by the end of the second day.  This year we were able to buy 19 dozen chickens for the same amount of money feeding almost 230 families.

God is awesome and the people of San Felipe are wonderful!

A shout out for

Dry Canyon Forge (Linda Elliot)
Robert Backlund
Debrah & Dale Moore
Susan Young
Libby & Fred McClendon
Misson San Felipe Men’s Bible Study
May & Manny Rocha
Susan Woolsey & Rex Behnke
Connie Coats

and Kat, Val and Jessica and all those who helped by passing on the word. Our thanks also go out to the Better Together in Christ group for their continuing help and the Rotary for their very critical seasonal contributions that make our work possible each month and during the long summer drought. We are also grateful for faithful donors who like to remain anonymous but have given freely of many valuable possessions and unused household items for us to sell in the thrift store or in Linda Sullivan’s People’s Gallery. Thanks also to Linda for her contribution of space and time to promote these treasures in her store.

Merry Christmas and a Very Blessed New Year to you all

ps If I missed anyone my sincere apologies.