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Wow, lots going on!

Been awhile since we have had a chance to update our site. Our wellness center for the disabled had the grand opening Oct 1 2017. The KO Hambre program is now serving 107 plus people per day. Our store has had a facelift. For more information on any and all of these things, please click on the headings for those pages. Thank you for checking in with us.

San Felipe has had some major setbacks. Most recently the fishing ban. When you put a fishing ban on a fishing village it really reeks havoc with the economy. Ever since the recession it has been tough here. So many developments and projects incomplete or never started. Tourism is down and now the fishing ban.

Now more than ever it is important for us to step up and do what we can to alleviate some of the pressure families are facing just to keep food on the table and provide for themselves. Our biggest challenge these days is to restore hope. We will. One person, one family, at a time.


Getting a mom a new home!

Thank you to Jack Pugh. Jack posted on FB that he was leaving San Felipe for health reasons and he had a trailer that he could not take with him. VWL contacted him immediately and said they would take it.

The trailer he offered went to Daniela and her two sons, Gael and Levi. Daniela is a single mom and can’t work due to Gaels disabilities. He has a plethora of diagnosises with the worst being epilepsy. He has had siezures that last as long as an hour and needs to be at the hospital while they are happening.

You can see the trailer they were living in. No bathroom, no shower and last nights rain soaked their bed. Thanks to Jack that won’t be happening anymore.