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The Evolution

We are excited about the KO Hambre (Knock out hunger) program. As seen in the photos below, we started with bags of rice, beans and flour (sometimes oil and sugar) given out every two weeks. We also delivered water. We started with 50 families and quickly grew over the years to 350 families. With the advent of community kitchens here in San Felipe, those families were able to get meals twice a day, 5 days a week.

BUT, those that were disabled, elderly or sick were not able to get out to the community kitchens to eat. With that, KO Hambre  (our version of Meals on Wheels) was born. We now cook and deliver food to 90 shut-ins Monday – Friday. Individuals, friends or family apply for the service and then we do a home visit to verify there is truly a need. We also have a table in our thrift store to feed anyone on the street that doesnt have food to eat or money to buy any.


The Staples: Rice, beans and flour!Distributing water



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KO logo



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