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VIVA – Volunteers for Indigent and Vulnerable Animals

It has been quite a while since we last shared about one of our sister groups.  So today we are featuring a group of dedicated volunteers working to make San Felipe a better place for all.  I would like to introduce you to the “new kid on the block”:  VIVA

But in reality none of the volunteers in VIVA are newcomers to the animal rescue scene.  They all have homes full of four-legged friends that they have saved from starvation and/or abuse and a history with SFAR and/or ZAPP.  Their website MyVivaSF is up and running.

Carole writes: VIVA -Volunteers for  Indigent and Vulnerable Animals is a newly formed group of volunteers from San Felipe Animal Rescue and Zapp who have come together to help the homeless abused, and injured animals of San Felipe

VIVA would like to invite you to their first general meeting to be held at The El Cortez Hotel -Barefoot bar at 3 PM next Tuesday October 4th so they can tell you what their plans and goals are for helping the animals of San Felipe, as well as educating  our local  Mexican friends on how to make sure their pets are safe

VIVA will also be  having a fun filled HOEDOWN  fundraiser on November the 11th at noon at Margarita’s Ranch out past the old SFAR’S Las Minitas site -watch for more flyer’s around town and at our booth at the Swap meet.

for more info please call Carole @ 577-0913

Things Heating Up at Sonshine Hacienda

Things are heating up !

     For the last two weeks we have been up in Washington State picking up the rest of my tools, checking in on Donna’s mom (who, praise God, is doing better since she had a pacemaker put in), filing our taxes and spending some wonderful time with Jason, Jen and Chris, and the grandkids Marcus and Avery. We even got to see Marcus get his very first hit in his very first T-ball game. We also were able to share a little with our home church, Faith Community Fellowship and let them know how much we appreciate them for their encouragement, prayers, and support, also thanking them for all the work they did on their recent trip down. The curtains are wonderful!

    But now we are back in little ol’ San Felipe and things are heating up both weather wise and Orphanage wise. Our friends and partners here, Rob and Debbie Jensen, returned from a quick trip home as well and it seems the Lord has put a real sense of urgency on all of our hearts to kick into high gear and get Sonshine Hacienda ready for some children. We all feel like it is time to take a deep breath, say a huge prayer, and start making some critical decisions that will impact our opening. Things like bunk beds and mattresses, and clothes storage and kitchen utensils and transformers and playground equipment and several other things that we have maybe dragged our feet on in the past but now need to address and resolve and we’re going forth with a new excitement and sense of spiritual energy.  Read more here…