Better Together

One of the groups that works closely with Volunteers Without Limits are the folks that call themselves the Better Together in Christ group. A faith based ministry, they keep a rather low profile and I don’t believe they even have a website but they do a mighty work in the community helping San Felipe seniors in need of home improvements, food and health care.  They are not a non-profit organization, just a group of people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty (or blistered).  They repair roofs, fix plumbing and put in windows and doors for the elderly.  They also relocate donated trailers and 5th wheels to provide much needed housing.

If you would like to learn more about BetterTogether, their next meeting will be on April 10th at the Pavilion at 1 p.m. or you can contact them at

The articles posted under “Other Ways to Help” are about separate organizations or groups that function San Felipe.  They are not part of Volunteers Without Limits but we at Volunteers Without Limits wish to encourage people to contribute or help where ever their hearts and minds lead them to do so.  In that spirit, we hope to make this site a place that links those who want to do something with those who need help doing.

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